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September 9, 2019

A week or so ago, a relating experience in my life threw up feelings of deep heart-ache, grief and vulnerability for me.

Rejection, self-recrimination, shame, separation, not good enough, loneliness, longing, sexual frustration, an aching to be touched, hopelessness and victimhood were all moving through.

It hurt. I'm super sensitive and feel very deeply. Each of these states creat...

September 1, 2019

How many times have I chanted "Sat Nam" (truth is my name) in the past 11 years of practising Kundalini Yoga?

How many times have I swooned to hear and sing along with Snatam Kaur's exquisite rendition of Jap Man Sat Nam with its heart-stirring refrain: "All my life, meditate on Sat Nam - the true name of my Beloved"

(Oh, and if you really want to know, it must be at least 5000x fo...

July 31, 2019

At a certain point on my journey into tantra, conscious relating and the embodiment of Shakti, I had to recognise that the men in my life and my relationships with them were a reflection of unconscious inner dynamics, born of my childhood and past experiences.

In fact, it was the break-down of my second marriage after my husband’s infidelity and a 4-year sex-less hiatus, that led...

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