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October 7, 2018

The other day, my newly 15 year-old daughter was waiting at the bus-stop to go meet some friends.

As she reported back to me later on, a car drove by and a man motioned out of the window as if to say "call me!"

And then shortly after that, two slightly older school boys came up to her and one said: "are you today's date? Because you're a 5 out of 10." (It was October 5th)

My d...

May 16, 2018

Last night I was reminded - again - of why I am so passionate about my work. It was really useful at a time when I'm doing all kinds of deep diving into my ideal client, branding and market niche with my coach.

You see... my gorgeous 14 year-old daughter is a brilliant source of what's going on with young women and, I'm sorry to say, what she tells me often makes me sad.

The young...

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