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© 2018 Shakti Sundari. 

February 12, 2019

The other day, my gorgeous daughter, Rose, was asked out by a boy in her class.


He then texted her to make two specific suggestions - they could go to the movies or out for a meal.


Rose likes this boy: he's a friend and she enjoys his company. But she doesn't want to date him.


She asked for my help in composing a kind response to him that would deliver a "no", yet be respectfu...

March 5, 2018

Last year I got badly burned in relationship.  Not just a little boo-boo kinda burn, but what felt like third degree burns all over, inside and out.  It was abusive and dysfunctional and I’ve written about it in 2 previous blogs (see them here and here).

So I’m not going to re-hash that here.  What I’m now interested in, and what a conversation with the amazing coach Jo Valen...

February 25, 2018

OK, so I’m on a mission with this blog: a mission to challenge the “I’m not good enough” virus head on.  It seems to be reaching pandemic proportions and I’m done with it.

My beautiful 14 year-old daughter has been coming home these past few years and telling me how her gorgeous friends at school are beset by self-doubt, self-criticism, crippling comparison, depression and even se...

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