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© 2018 Shakti Sundari. 

June 27, 2018

I write this blog exactly half-way through delivering my current Dancing the Goddess workshop series. 

For those of you who’ve somehow missed out on hearing about it, this is a creation of my heart and soul: a transformational embodiment experience of connecting with the energy and gifts of the Divine Feminine through sacred circle, dance, meditation and mantra.

It’s proving to be...

February 19, 2018

“Anger does not disappear as we evolve and in fact may become even more fiery, but it burns more and more cleanly, serving the well-being of all involved.”  Robert Augustus Masters

Having recently come out of an abusive relationship, I am, understandably, paying close attention to my boundaries.

Recognising that I not only over-rode some subtle inner signals that things weren’...

February 7, 2018

So my last blog, about my experience with a narcissist, caused quite a stir.

I received scores of messages – both public and private – from people (99% of them women), who had experienced something similar – or far worse.

They thanked me for speaking out and saying what they had been – or still are – afraid to voice.  Many of them are still experiencing trauma and/or have needed ye...

October 30, 2017

When I broke up with my Beloved and spoke openly about my pain, I was surprised by one comment from a friend (and fellow tantra teacher) that I should consider relating from a place of “conditional” as opposed to “unconditional” love.

This totally threw me, as I have lived as an aspiring unconditional lover for many years, mindfully measuring my progress towards that elusive targe...

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