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© 2018 Shakti Sundari. 


March 23, 2020

Awakening Shakti is a powerful online programme for women seeking the deep transformation of sustained self-enquiry, embodied practice & sisterhood circle. Moving through 9 facets of our awakening over 9 months. Launches spring 2020. Apply now!

Dancing the Goddess Workshop - Awakening

April 04, 2020

Awakening is the second of the 4 pillars of the Dancing the Goddess practice. When our sexual energy awakens, we connect with the gifts & sacred essence of the Divine Feminine.  Join us for this 3 hour workshop at the Siobhan Davies Studios, 12.15-3.15pm, Sunday, April 5th.

May 14, 2020

An immersive 3-day retreat for women in mystical Glastonbury, creating sacred temple space in the body and in sister circle. Including ritual, tantric practice, embodiment, awakening and dance. 1 day at sacred sites. 2 days in Goddess Hall. May 15-17th, £300

Dancing the Goddess @ Colourfest

June 04, 2020

Join me at this beautiful summer Festival in Dorset with yoga, movement, music, dance & song & some incredibly inspiring teachers of truth, as I hold space for a Dancing the Goddess workshop. Free to all ticketed Festival goers !

DanceIn2U: Meditation & Connection in Motion Workshop @ Rumble Festival

June 13, 2020

Join me at this fabulous 3-day conscious dance & camping festival in Chesham for my DanceIn2U workshop on Sunday, 14th June, 9-11am.

Awakening Shakti Weekend Retreat

July 16, 2020

An intimate and potent immersion in the Deep Feminine at a luxury Retreat on the Isle of Man. 17th-19th July, 2020. Limited to 12. 

Dancing the Goddess, Tantric Meditation & Kundalini Yoga @ Soul Circus Festival

August 20, 2020

Join me at this luxurious, high vibe yoga & wellness summer Festival in the heart of Gloucestershire for my offerings in: Tantric Meditation, Kundalini Yoga & Dancing the Goddess. Whoop !

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