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The Flow Artist, Parts 1-4

Enjoy the audio version of Parts 1-4 of The Flow Artist; my tantric counter-narrative to Cat Person.

Note: The Flow Artist is my tantric counter-narrative to the short story, Cat Person, that was recently published in the New Yorker.

As someone passionate about love, conscious relating and sacred sexuality, I was deeply saddened to read Cat Person. To me, it represents pretty much the opposite of everything I teach and live by, and so much about what is wrong with gender relations, dating and sexual expression today.

A big part of what I am passionate about in my work involves facilitating groups and holding space for individuals or couples to cultivate the necessary self-awareness, self-love and communication skills to be able to relate and make love in a way which engenders real connection and deeply fulfilling intimacy.

My online courses in Awakening Your Ecstatic Potential lay the foundations for this level of embodied sacred eroticism.

To enquire about my one-to-one sessions, simply drop me a line.

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