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You see those vision boards behind me in that picture? Well, tucked away between all those colourful images are two words: "writer" and "author".

And just out of sight, to the left of those images is another vision mapping I did last year with the words "best-selling author" in big capital letters on the top right-hand corner.

Yesterday, my book RAPTURE: A Guide to Sexual & Spiritual Awakening for Women went on sale, reaching 6th place in the Amazon "Sex" category in a day !!!

The manifestation of a dream I've nursed - in some way - all my life.

The end result of almost 7 years of writing - on and off.

The synthesis of 18 year's worth of teaching and mentoring, alongside my own explorations, studies, trials and tribulations.

Rooted in a passionate quest for God & Eros, a calling to evoke the ecstatic, evolutionary current of the Divine Feminine into our world and a love of the written word.

I am thrilled and proud to have finally birthed RAPTURE.

And I want you to know, that dreams really do come true.

Not necessarily in an instant. Nor in a perfect straight line. And definitely not without all kinds of challenges and set-backs.

Which, in hindsight, are actually a perfect part of the process!

Without all those road-blocks and detours, RAPTURE would not be as rich and ready for its readers as it is and I would not be as ready for its launch into the world.

It has taken trust, courage, focus and commitment. Facing fear, insecurity and self-doubt.

But most importantly, simply listening to the insistent voice of my soul, which has urged me on, even when my practical self wanted to focus on "more important" matters.

Now it's done, it's clear that this was the most important matter and the Divine has supported me all the way.

To all those who've been a part of my community over the years, whether as teacher, student, friend or lover, your presence has been a part of this creation and I thank you.

May Rapture go forth into the world and ripple more love, unity, beauty and heart-body-soul expansion into existence.

With love, joy & gratitude,



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