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know your truth! become it!

A channelled message in response to the covid crisis.

We're in the midst of global chaos and a massive propaganda campaign.

People are getting caught up in their positions and ideologies, and fighting to the bitter death - verbally (at least for now) - in order to come out "right".

Either clinging for dear life to all they've ever known. Or rejecting it as a lie.

Refusing to see the advance to totalitarianism (why on earth, after all, would good old Daddy government wish to do me harm??!) and shaming and demeaning those who doth protest too much, or avidly consuming any information source outside the official narrative.

Wanting everything to be fact-checked and/or doubting every source.

Endlessly researching rabbit holes or quoting a mainstream media source as gospel.

Believing with every fibre of your being that Icke is a narcissistic Nazi or an enlightened visionary.

That Trump is an evil, power-grabbing arsehole or the anointed destroyer of child-trafficking and the illuminati.

Citing the statistics to prove there's a terrifying epidemic. Citing the statistics to prove there's no epidemic at all.

So - WHAT IS TRUE? Who is right? In a swirl of conflicting information all around. An overwhelming array of plot-twists the mind can't possibly keep up with.

Here's what my insight just told me (please take whatever resonates & just ignore what doesn't).

The planet is awakening. Nothing can stop this.

And as part of this upsurge in consciousness, every single of one of you is being called to sovereignty.

You will be forced by events to let go of everything you believed to be true and drop down into a deeper layer of awareness.

Because the foundations of your reality are shaking and will be shaken far more.

Your leaders will no longer be leaders. Your Gurus have fallen.

It's up to you now. To recognise who you are. And rebirth yourself as the master co-creator of your own life.

If, once the dust has settled, you stand up on shaky legs and begin to operate in the old way - for your ego, out of service to self. It won't work.

In the new heart-centred paradigm that is coming, your frequency will announce and create your and our reality. And everything not aligned with love and truth will simply be unable to take hold.

You are now being asked to start practising.

To allow yourself to let go of all the beliefs and ideologies you are attached to. And come to rest in a deeper source of truth within.

To act from a place of alignment with that EMBODIED LIGHT & WISDOM and stop frantically scrabbling around for the right guide, the right teacher, the ultimate truth speaker - any external "authority" to give your power & sovereignty away to.

Follow your Self. (Your self in alignment with Source).

Listen to what resonates for your soul, not your mind.

Dare to say no and speak your truth.

Give voice to the real you.

Your ego wants to be right because it's afraid. So soothe it, breathe and meditate. Enter the core of that fear until there is only peace.

Start listening to your heart and your body. They are the wisest guides you have. Let them counsel your anxious mind.

No-one is coming to save you. The power to change everything is within.

You can fight this awakening and make it hard for yourself, or you can surrender into it as the greatest blessing of your life.

But nothing can stop it.

Once your ego has surrendered up its attachments. Once you become still and empty, everything will become clearer.

Your actions, words and life-flow will feel aligned.

You will see with the eyes of love.

You will perceive unity across and within the marvellous diversity of humanity.

Difference won't trigger you - it will inspire you and be a reason to celebrate God.

So relax. Loosen up a little. Breathe. Have fun. Meditate. Nurture your body and soul. Love your heart. Love your self.

And do all that you can to prepare for the greatest & possibly most challenging ride of your life !

Wherever you currently stand on the planet and on the continuum of polarities, we are all in this together.

There is no escaping one another! LOL ! We are the human family. This is our home. Let's make it a beautiful one !

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