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My "WHY?"

On the 1st day of 2021, I felt guided to make this video about my "why?": why I do what I do in the world; what motivates and inspires me as a teacher of Embodied Awareness & Awakening for Women; what unpins everything I offer into the world professionally and personally.

For me it boils down to 3 things:

  1. I do it for my Mum: so no woman EVER experiences life in the role of disempowered victim, completely beholden to the patriarchal narrative that hides from woman the majesty of her true nature: innately sensual, open-hearted, deliciously alive and in flow with the power of Shakti.

  2. I do it for my former self: she who suffered, stumbled and fell so many times as a result of the passing down of this conditioning and from whom the truth of her glorious feminine gifts and super-powers was hidden, suppressed or denied.

  3. I do it, because this is what my soul calls me to over and over and because I see that as each individual woman reclaims her true self and awakens, so the entire nature of reality shifts, as we embody heaven on earth: the Divine Feminine living awake in sacred union with her Divine Masculine counterpart.

This is my part in the Great Awakening that is happening on planet earth at this time.

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