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The 4 "p's" of pleasure

Want to know the secrets to ultimate sensual PLEASURE ?

In my forthcoming book - RAPTURE: A Guide to Sexual & Spiritual Awakening for Women - one of the chapters is titled PLEASURE BLOCKERS/ENHANCERS.

And in it I speak to what can get in the way of women experiencing the pleasure they are designed for.

We are by nature infinitely and completely orgasmic.

Yet many women are either not aware of or experiencing that, especially in heterosexual partner sex.

How come?

I'm not going to reveal every insight here and, in a sense, the whole book takes you on an experiential journey of sexual and spiritual expansion.

But my answer is, perhaps, not what you'd expect.

You see, it's far less about technique, special places to touch or "things you need to do" and far more about how you FEEL & BE.

So here are some notes on the topic of Pleasure.

What I've noticed big time in all my 18 years of working with women is the sense of waiting for PERMISSION.

Permission to speak. Permission to be vulnerable. Permission to take up space. Permission to express a need.

Permission to let go. Permission for pleasure.

Or to follow any blissful impulse!!

An end-result of years of anti-ecstatic, disempowering conditioning (like pretty much all the barriers to pleasure) - we hold back, let someone else go first and inhibit ourselves.

This good girl, people-pleasing programming spills over into PERFORMANCE & PRETENCE in the bedroom.

Faking pleasure, faking orgasms, trying to match up to the pornographic ideal we think our partner has in their head about how we should look, move and respond.

Whilst not feeling a bloody thing.

And not communicating what is really going on for us.

Tending to their egos, whilst abandoning ourselves.

Afraid of being seen or rejected, whilst aching to be met.

What a passion killer.

What a death-knell to true intimacy.

Flipping this narrative requires us to:

a) give ourselves PERMISSION to fully embody and claim our pleasure - in every area of our lives, since our sexuality is holistic and not reduced to our genitals or the bedroom and

b) cultivate PRESENCE, so that we are able to fully sense and authentically respond to whatever is happening: no avoidant retreat to the well-worn grooves of habit, no over-riding of our yes's and no's, no disconnect from the here and now by getting lost in our heads.

Our liberated Eros may not look, feel or act as we imagine. Nor conform to the scripts we've been unconscoiusly following for years.

But it gifts us the potential to drop into the mind-blowingly infinite expanse of pleasure and soul connection available to us.

RAPTURE goes on sale on Amazon on Saturday, October 9th, 2021 and starting tomorrow, I'll be going live at 9am UK time every week-day morning here on my Facebook Page for the next 3 weeks of the pre-launch period.

For more fun and inspiring shares as the excitement builds and to join me for a free all-day online launch event, request to join the RAPTURE BOOK LAUNCH FACEBOOK GROUP

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