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The Body is pleasure & intelligence

This morning as I taught a private yoga class online, I found myself experiencing delicious orgasmic sensations.

Through what? The simple pleasure of moving with deep awareness inside my body.

No special asana or breathing technique, but oh how exquisite it felt.

"I wish for every woman to know this kind of pleasure in her body" I thought.

There is so much untapped sensual delight available to us!!

When we're fully at home in our bodies: open, aware and receptive, all of life becomes a sensual playground.

That doesn't need someone else to "give" or "do" anything to us.

That isn't necessarily in any way sexual.

This is part of what I'm here to teach. This remembrance of our natural state of embodied bliss.

Along with the profound wisdom and capacity for authentic connection and intimacy that arises with that.

The patriarchal framework we've inherited separates body from mind. And privileges mind over matter.

Thus divorcing us from our essence and power, our Selves and one another.

Since walking this path, I've noticed people making the assumption, that the feminine is less intelligent.

That her natural realms of intuition, emotion, sensuality and embodiment are somehow dumber.

Or that she cannot actually be both: intellectual AND intuitive, embodied AND sharp minded, sensual AND spiritual, practical AND utterly irrational, beautiful AND brainy.

For myself, I'm certainly all of the above.

And as a former business analyst and academic, it's actually taken a letting go of thinking to experience the greatest seggsual and spiritual openings in my life.

As well as to trust and access the inner sight that is amongst my gifts.

Don't get me wrong. I've always been profoundly and effortlessly embodied.

But over time and with so much social and cultural programming, I had no idea the body was also a gateway to SO much pleasure and wisdom.

It was my first awakening - through training to teach a conscious dance practice 20 years ago - that catalysed a remembrance.

And as I've since dived in to tantra, authentic relating, yoga and bodywork, I see the essential intelligence of the body.

Essential both as inherent AND as absolutely necessary for the shift in consciousness everybody talks about on our planet.

Take conscious relating for example. Which is kinda pivotal if we are to upgrade global structures and systems, or foster peace.

It cannot happen without both/all parties being in touch with the present moment physical sensations in their bodies.

The Radical Honesty approach I recently took a course in is all about noticing what we are sensing or thinking NOW. Rather than all the other bull-crap we typically fill our heads with.

The revelation is that speaking from the real of our present-moment embodied experience fosters intimacy, whereas speaking from our assumptions and projections (all in the mind) doesn't.

Gay & Katie Hendrick's classic "Conscious Loving" guide to relating operates from the same premise.

For me, this being in the body in the now IS living tantra.

It's this same combo of presence + sensation or mindfulness + energy that enables the kind of pleasure I was experiencing in yoga this morning. Which, of course, translates directly into love-making.

Ultimately we get to see that there's the potential for it ALL to be a grand love-making. Se*, as I find myself saying over and again isn't limited to our genitals.

But to experience the truth of that, we first need to re-inhabit our bodies with love and awareness.

As we shake off the critical beliefs, comparison and self-objectification we have unwittingly adopted.

As we breathe life back in and learn to stay present with all the feelings and sensations as they emerge.

As we celebrate, commune, nourish, pamper, trust, move, breathe, accept and liberate our beautiful physique.

It's a journey of significant healing and release for many, as all the layers of defence, wounding, trauma and shut-down are unfurled.

(All of which are a significant part of what happens in my workshops and sessions by the way).

And it takes time.

Today's culture is training us all to want it all more, shorter, higher, faster.

Over-riding our natural rhythms, healing cycles and innate intelligence.

But the body doesn't respond to force. Pleasure wilts under expectation. Energy doesn't obey command.

So today my invitation to you is to take some time to be pleasurably present with your body.

And to open to the possibility, that this alone can be ecstatic and transcendent.

If you'd like to explore working with me one-to-one around areas such as:

  • navigating a break-up & healing from heart-ache

  • navigating soul challenge or emotional turmoil

  • illuminating sticky relationship dynamics

  • expanding your sensual range

  • awakening your sexuality

  • loving your body




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