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the crowning of corona

A Wake-Up Call to Unity in Sovereignty. The Power of the Divine Mother. A Revolution of Love.

Out of the blue, people around the world are being made to stop. Stop living mindlessly according to the patterns of decades and lifetimes.

Routines, structures and plans are being disrupted. Masks and facades falling away.Forcing presence and a new awareness of thought and action in the field of the unknown.

An invitation to mindfulness in the now. A revelation of the real you. An awakening to the power within.

If you drop into the emptiness here, without rushing to fill it, there’s a profound and comforting stillness.

This is the origin of true creativity.

And the place from which your inner wisdom will birth.

Without a map to follow, we are on new ground. An opportunity to re-write the script from ground zero.

To tap into a deeper truth that needs space and stillness to be heard.

To stop by-passing reality with mind’s incessant chatter and frenetic activity.

To FEEL, breathe, wait and listen.

To recognise your Self and Soul as hallowed ground; a part of the ALL.

If you allow yourself to be seen here, without resorting to the mantle of familiar roles, there’s a chance for heart-felt intimacy.

The kind you have always longed for. A mutual meeting that sustains and heals.

This virus makes no distinction between race, gender, politics, wealth, sexual orientation or nationality.We are all equal before Her. Just as we are all equal before Mother-Father God.

Corona transcends borders and hierarchies. She is the great leveller; showing us how futile are our notions of supremacy or control.SHE will have her way.

Unsentimental and yet fiercely loving.

Showing us that we need one another. Showing us we are not separate. From one another or our Mother Earth.

If we are finding it hard to breathe right now, then no wonder when the atmosphere has been pumped full of pollutants for so long.

If our lungs are hurting and burning, we are finally being confronted with the ways in which we have suffocated Her and suppressed her tears.

In our mindless drive towards – what ? WHAT?

An illusion wrapped in glitter, manufactured by our enslavement to a system that divides, exploits and destroys.

And she is demanding that we stop.

And heed this wake-up call of epic proportions.

To freedom for our hearts, minds and souls. To sovereignty in unity. To all that really matters.

Which is LOVE.

And to a planet in which we may breathe fresh air, till pure soil and swim in clean waters.

Where all of nature is sustained with the same care we are now extending to one another, since to do so is to survive.

As we realise, at last, that we are one with Her cosmic cycles and both as insignificant and spectacular as a speck of dust.

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