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What are you here for?

It's a great question that moments of pause, change or apparent crisis can evoke.

When familiar structures, routines and ways of defining ourselves are destabilised or completely disappear.

If I am not my job, who am I ? If I am not my income, who am I? If I am not this relationship, who am I?

If I am not my possessions, who am I?

If everything I've used to bolster up a sense of "me" is taken away, who am I?

If I'm made to stop running from the discomfort of facing my self, what might happen?

Could it be that I'd discover the bliss of BE-ing ?

And then, of course - What am I here for?

What have I been giving my precious life-force energy to? What have I been creating? What have I been sustaining?

How does that FEEL in my heart, body and soul?

Does it make me come alive? Or have I been living a waking death ?

What if I die?

If I die tomorrow, what would I regret?

How do I wish to use this precious life? What do I wish to create?

What is my soul song? The one that only I can sing?

What am I here for?

Now is a perfect time to let this question marinate, stirring your heart and loins for a depth of truth you've never dared open to before.

Awakening to the possibility that you can - and do - create anything you desire.

My kids have already made lists of all the things they'd love to use this precious time for.

This out of the blue time-bomb with no known end.

So much freedom. So much space into which life can pour !

What are you here for?

If, as you answer, your heart expands to flush your chest and light up your face.

If, in your response, your energy ignites and animates your body.

If, in tuning in, your womb/hara pulses with the unmistakeable wisdom of rooted consciousness.

If, in enquiry, your chattering mind shuts up to let spirit speak.

Then it's likely you're on to a good thing. For your self. And all of us.

Bring it on !!!

Sat Nam 🙏💗

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