RAPTURE is a road-map for women wishing to reclaim their innate spiritual ecstasy in love-making and life.

Rooted in tantra, yoga and Goddess wisdom, it offers both practical exercises and inspiring teachings, supporting you to:

  • bust patriarchal myths & limiting beliefs

  • let the bullshit programming go

  • heal the shame

  • open you to what's possible

  • uncover your truer power and deeper pleasure

  • expand into the promise of your authentic, enlivened destiny

  • reveal your innately ecstatic nature, which has nothing to do with age, shape, size or partner status

  • embody your Sacred Feminine essence in union with the Divine Masculine - asking to be lived here and now admidst our Global Awakening

RAPTURE is the companion book to my RAPTURE Group Programme, which is next launching on: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2021