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“We live in an anti-ecstatic society, based on the conceived separation between flesh and spirit.  We are encouraged and taught to repress our sexual nature, to doubt our mystical and spiritual nature and to fear whatever does not conform to conventional behaviour.  But when we ignore the sacredness of life and the possibility of living ecstatically, we risk losing our self – our soul – in the process.” 


Tantra teaches us that ecstasy is our natural way of being.  


This is a state that feels free, totally alive and in effortless flow.  It's not dependent on any external set of conditions:not a person, not a thing, not drugs, food, work or sex.  We're simply it.  

And when we are, everything in life feels infinitely better.  We enjoy an open-hearted, intimate relationship with life that can feel like making love -in the subtlest of senses and through every sense.  No lover required.


When we embody this, we feel empowered & joyfully alive !

Living ecstatically is the secret to greater health and vitality, purpose, power, pleasure, love and... what most people are first drawn to tantra for... exquisite love-making.  

My course gives you step by step guidance to experience this


My Awakening Your Ecstatic Potential online course offers you a gate-way into the embodied awareness that lays the foundations for your living remembrance of your divine, delicious self.

Blending my wealth of training and experience in tantra, yoga, dance, bodywork, meditation and healing, I've broken the journey down for you into 3 progressive stages, that you can opt to study as stand-alone courses or as one continuous programme.

Level 1

Recommended if you are a newcomer to meditation, breathwork or any form of conscious embodiment & beneficial even if you already have some experience under your belt.

14 instructional videos +

private Facebook Group membership.




For those, who already have an understanding of concepts such as the chakra system, can easily practice techniques such as long deep breathing and are regularly engaging in some form of conscious embodiment.


14 instructional videos + private Facebook Group membership.



Level 3

This is for you, if you have mastered techniques such as breath of fire, have sustained a meditation practice for at least 3-6 months, are regularly engaging in some form of conscious embodiment practice and have a felt-sense awareness of the flow of energy in and around your body. 


12 instructional videos + 

private Facebook Group membership.



"Thank you so much, Shakti, for a wonderful course.  I shall miss the sense of community and your brilliant guidance and teaching."

Elaine, Level 1 graduate

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