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one to one


"This woman is a powerful gatekeeper. If you are serious about your healing journey and you aren't afraid to go miles deep into the centre of your consciousness, you are in safe hands with Shakti Sundari."


your greatest potential

Work with me one-to-one

There are moments in life, when the insight, presence and wisdom of another can be just what is needed to support our healing, guide us to clarity or catalyse an awakening.

Having weathered many of my own storms and lived in devotion to the embodiment of love, inner union and awareness for almost 20 years, I am passionate about holding space for others to awaken to their greatest potential: ecstatically alive, radically true and authentically empowered.

I bring to this my wealth of experience and gifts as a healer, Priestess, yogini, tantrika and empath, trained in many modalities of somatic awareness and conscious facilitation. 


You can work with me via Zoom from anywhere worldwide or in person (in London, UK) and I specialise in 4 key areas. Read on for more and, if you are ready to invest in your transformation, please head over to my bookings page to schedule yourself in.

awakening shakti

As a Priestess of Love & Sacred Sexuality & facilitator of Sexual Awakening for Women, I am here to hold space for you to remember yourself as a perfect & unique expression of the Divine Feminine.


Embrace the power and gifts of your embodiment, (including every stage of your sexual life-cycle, from maiden to crone) the capacity of your heart to love, your body to feel and open to exquisite sensual pleasure and your being to revel in the wholeness of inner union with your divine masculine counterpart.


Patriarchal conditioning has left many woundings and distortions for us to clear as we rise and my passion is to support you in seeing, integrating and moving beyond these old ways and stepping fully into your radiance. 

sacred partnership

Since embarking on my own spiritual and healing journey, the concept of sacred partnership has been central to every aspect of my training and lived experience.


I am no stranger to heart-break, yet also an intimate consort of sublime union.


Through my own trials, explorations and study, I have come to know that the Beloved we yearn for is the Divine within us and firmly believe that intimate relationship is one of the greatest opportunities for soul growth available to us.


If your heart is broken or your relationship stuck, if you'd like to breathe more depth into the sexual intimacy you share with your Beloved or call in the perfect partner, I am here to help. 

awakening your ecstatic potential

As a tantrika and embodiment of the feminine principle, I know that life can be exquisitely ecstatic. In fact, I believe that is our birthright, only karma and conditioning can get in the way.


When we reconnect to the inherent bliss of life, we are empowered, liberated and magnetically abundant.


With 20 years' experience as a healer and teacher of embodied awareness, it's my pleasure and passion to guide you in re-awakening your own ecstatic self-expression in the world, drawing on techniques from yoga, meditation, subtle tantra, dance, energy healing and bodywork.

the gift

When life throws us a curve-ball or things don't go as planned, it can really knock us back. Sometimes it can feel as if life is against us and there is no purpose or hope. And yet, my experience is that it's precisely those dark or disappointing moments and experiences that can offer us the biggest opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. The gold is right there in the shit. The lotus blossoms from the mud.


Having moved through many such moments myself, as well as having interviewed scores of leading lightworkers, who have also only discovered their power and purpose after moments of searing pain and despair, I am here to guide you through the process of discovering The Gift. 


"Shakti held a beautiful, loving space for me to heal old wounds and reconnect with my feminine.  At every moment, I felt completely safe and gently supported to let go into a powerful release of deep-held emotions.  In only one session, something has shifted in my energy field.  I am so much lighter in my body and clearer in my mind, I feel more sensual and attractive and somehow simply delicious.  Thank you Shakti, for helping me uncover the Goddess in me!"

Ionna, London

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