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about shakti

Priestess of the Goddess, Dancer, Yogini, Tantrika, Facilitator, Healer, Anthropologist, Bodyworker, Mother, Writer, Creatrix.

I follow the path of truth, love and ecstasy, and guide others in opening to their highest potential

It is my calling to live as the embodiment of radiant, awakened wholeness and inspire others to their unique expression of that: integrating sex and spirit, masculine and feminine, body and mind, light and dark, love and desire.

Although I am trained in many modalities, Yoga, Tantra and Ecstatic Dance are my Holy Trinity and I invite you to discover through them, the ultimate inner union of embodied awareness and awakening.

I teach and hold space from a place of rich life experience and inner wisdom, as well as extensive study, practice and personal work, that is always alive and ongoing.

Welcome to my site and welcome to my world!

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