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Shakti Yoga, The Mahavidyas

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The Mahavidyas are the 10 Wisdom Goddesses of the Tantra-Yoga tradition. Each represents a different set of Divine Feminine qualities and blessings and these Shakti Yoga classes take you on a journey through the remaining 9 Goddesses after Kali: 2. Tara 3. Lalita Tripura Sundari 4. Bhuvanesvari 5. Tripura Bhairavi 6. Chinnamasta 7. Dhumavati 8. Bagalamukhi 9. Matangi 10. Kamalatmika Each class is a 1.5-hour journey, that includes a short teaching on the Goddess, followed by mantra, mudra, meditation and flowing yoga postures infused with Her energy. If you missed it, the first class in this series, focussed on Kali, is available on this site for free as a taster.

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