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Shakti Yoga - The Mahavidyas, Kali

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The Mahavidyas are the 10 Wisdom Goddesses of the Tantra-Yoga tradition. Each represents a different set of Divine Feminine qualities and blessings. They are usually engaged with in a particular order, with Kali coming first. Kali is the fierce Goddess of time, birth, death and ego destruction. She is the energy to call upon, when you are ready for radical empowerment, transformation and awakening. This is the first in a 10-part Shakti Yoga series, in which each Mahavidya is invoked and practised with in turn. Enjoy this complimentary 1.5 hour class and if you enjoy it, the remaining 9 Shakti Yoga Mahavidya classes can be purchased as a series to continue your journey.

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