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Yoni Yoga

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An 8-day Yoni Yoga series to tone, activate and re-vitalise your vulva and vagina, creating new pathways of connection, energy flow and pleasure. Featuring 7x 15-30 minute daily practice videos with a sacred space creation, guided body warm-up, Yoni Yoga exercise and closing of the space. Plus a 45 minute integration class and 2 more support videos for questions and challenges that may arise. Yoni is a Sanskrit word used to refer to your womb-space, ovaries, vulva and vagina. It means "sacred gateway" and is typically used in tantric texts and teachings, since it carries a sense of reverence towards your female sexual organs in the recognition, that they are the seat of your wisdom, sensual aliveness and spiritual gifts as woman. Use this practice series to develop more awareness, better muscle tone and energy flow in and around your yoni, so as to enhance the pleasure available to you, as well as maintaining optimal pelvic and sexual health. The energy you activate through connection with your yoni can ultimately expand to flow through your entire body. Developing this relationship with your sacred yoni, will also support you in tuning into your intuition and feminine wisdom. It's an essential part of any journey of sexual healing and awakening for a woman. Welcome ! Note: The beautiful artwork used here is by Katy Lloyd:

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