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The fountain of youth

I was talking to a male friend earlier today.

He's a meditation teacher, who's been devoted to his practice for at least 15 years.

He's 50.

Alongside his meditation practice, he is dedicated to optimal physical health and well-being.

And he has BAGS of energy.

Rather like me, if you see him on the dance-floor, you'll wonder where on earth he gets his energy from.

He's a non-stop moving whirlwind.

He's fit. He's strong.

And you would probably imagine him to be considerably younger than his numerical age.

In fact, as he was telling me, people can't believe he's 50.

Similarly, when I'm out dancing, people often comment on my energy and I tend to feel matched (or get approached by) people 15-20 years younger.

Today my daughter came home and said to me "wow! you look so radiant ! It's like you're 5 years younger than when I last saw you!!"

What have I been doing that might account for this?

Well, since my daughter last saw me:

1) Daily meditation, typically for at least 1 hour 2) Daily movement, typically for at least 1 hour 3) Daily solo tantric practice

Plus good food, good sleep, soulful conversations and juicy work.

Now the last thing I want to do is reinforce the bullshit cultural programming that says youth is of value / maturity is not.

Most especially for women !!

But, there is a truth here I think it is worth highlighting.

Namely, that practices of mindfulness, embodied awareness (eg. conscious dance & yoga), kundalini activation and sacred sexuality (as in, what I've been doing for almost 20 years) DO contribute to:

  • greater physical energy & vitality

  • greater physical health, strength and flexibility

  • inner radiance and glow, including glowing skin & eyes

  • sustained libido, greater sensual pleasure & s@xual stamina

  • mental clarity & agility

all of which are considered markers of youthfulness.

Now, I never have and never will do these practices in an attempt to combat ageing.

I couldn't give a flying fig what others think of me and barely look in the mirror once I've cleaned my teeth and put my moisturiser on.

I love my face and body exactly as they are. And I have no fear or resistance to natural ageing.

And yes, for the record, I'm 57, in menopause and an HRT free zone.

But I do feel it's worth sharing, that these spiritual and sensual practices offer us keys to "the fountain of youth."

Because whether it's stillness meditation (which yes, can activate your kundalini energy even without any physical movement) or something more dynamic, you are tapping into the Source of Life.

And when you drink at that well-spring, the energy available is infinite.

Wanna know more about specific practices or courses you can take with me to cultivate this yummy zesty feeling for yourself?

I've got several online self-study courses that offer a rich and comprehensive introduction to practices of embodied awareness and energy activation, and I also host monthly tantric practice groups: one for women and one that is mixed. If you'd like my one-to-one personal support, I teach private Shakti Yoga classes and mentor individuals in energetic and embodied awakening. Reach out to know more.

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