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Dancing the Goddess Immersion

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The Dancing the Goddess Immersion is an online self-study programme designed to offer you a rich, transformative experience of embodying the energy and gifts of the Divine Feminine. Building your capacity to be connected and aware in the body. Teaching you how to activate your sexual energy - Shakti. Developing & deepening your connection with Goddess archetypes from the Tantra-Yoga tradition. And initiating you into your Temple Dancer self. The course is structured around the 4 foundational themes of the Dancing the Goddess Practice: 1) Embodiment 2) Awakening 3) Transformation 4) Integration For each of the 4 foundational themes, you are given 7 steps, incorporating a short instructional video, written guidance and suggested music for a daily practice. Each step will take you between 10-30 minutes. This course will guide you to invoke the sublime love, joy, sensuality and wisdom of the Goddess into your body and life, bringing illumination, empowerment & inner wisdom.

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