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© 2018 Shakti Sundari. 

dancing the goddess

embodiment,  ecstasy, empowerment & awakening 

Dancing the Goddess is a powerful, transformative practice for EVERY WOMAN of connecting with &

embodying the DIVINE FEMININE. Devised by Shakti Sundari, it synthesises her 16 years as a teacher of Conscious Dance, Embodied Awareness, Sacred Sexuality & Feminine Awakening.

Dancing the Goddess is not just a dance class: it offers you a comprehensive practice and safe, sacred

space in which to experience the ongoing personal and spiritual growth of embodied connection

with the Divine Feminine within a growing and diverse community of women.


Dancing the Goddess is born of the yogic understanding that the energy of all creation

(kundalini or Shakti) is Feminine and we can only access this energy, which is both sensual

and spiritual, and its awakening effects, through the body.

In order to fully access and embody our Shakti essence, we must liberate our bodies and

sexual energy from the wounds and conditioning of the past and reclaim the spiritual gifts

and wisdom of our sacred, sovereign woman-hood. When this opening occurs, our

dance, both on and off the dance-floor, originates in the flow of divinity.

Invoking the energy, qualities and blessings of Goddess archetypes into

our space and bodies is a powerful part of this practice. And we work with the 4 pillars of the

Dancing the Goddess practice: 1) Embodiment, 2) Awakening, 3) Transformation & 4) Integration

We are remembering a way of being that was once a Sacred Art in

ancient Goddess-Loving Cultures and Tantric Temples.

We are re-membering ourselves as fully activated, self-empowered women,

within a loving, supportive and deeply nurturing sisterhood.​

Each Dancing the Goddess workshop takes you on an integrated journey, including:


* creating an altar to the Goddess

* sitting together and sharing in sacred sisterhood circle

* chanting mantra 

* meditation

* yoga & breathing practice

* guided free-form movement and dance

* paired/group processes

* deep relaxation / sound bath


which will impact you both during the event and as you take the experience out into your life.


12.15-3.15pm, Sunday, 15th April, 2020
IWhen your sexual energy - or kundalini Shakti- awakens as woman, you begin a process of healing, spiritual transformation & personal empowerment that puts you in touch with your Divine Feminine essence and embodied aliveness. How SHE expresses in and through you will be totally unique, encouraging your gifts to blossom & your true Self to shine forth.

Join me in this nourishing workshop, devoted to practices of gentle energetic awakening leading into the sacred mystery field of spontaneous Shakti dance & ending with the blessing of a healing sound bath by the divine Susan McDonald.
Siobhan Davies Dance Studios
85 St George's Road
London, SE1 6ER, UK
Please arrive by 12 noon for a 12.15 start
Investment: Early Bird: £22 for payment before March 22nd; £33 thereafter


Friday, 15th - Sunday, 17th May, 2020


With an opening day dedicated to grounding, sealing and connecting our selves and our Sister Circle at Sacred Sites in Glastonbury, followed by a weekend of deep immersion into the mysteries of Divine Feminine Embodiment at Goddess Hall, we will re-member our bodies and the space we co-create as the Sacred Temple, in which our dance is a prayer, invocation, transmission and blessing to all.

Our journey together will include:

* Goddess invocation
* meditation, mantra & mudra
* kundalini yoga & yoni yoga
* breath-work
* circle time, sharing & enquiry processes
* Shakti energy activation
* sacred embodiment rituals of touch, honouring & anointment
* yoni gazing & yoni puja
* channelled wisdom
* guided relaxation & visioning

and, of course,

* DANCE as prayer, invocation, ritual, meditation, release & transmission

This Retreat will include some optional nudity, sacred touch, movement of sexual energy & tantric meditation practice.

Please contact Shakti to register or with questions.


Goddess Hall

Benedict Street



& on the land


Friday, May 15th, 1pm - Sunday, 17th May 5pm

Investment: £244 BEFORE MARCH 31ST; £300 THEREAFTER

(payment plans possible)


In autumn 2020 I will be launching the first Dancing the Goddess Teacher Training course.  Participation in at least 2 Dancing the Goddess workshops or one Retreat will be a pre-requisite for joining.


“Juicy, heart-felt and safe.”