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Know Who You Are

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Are you ready to be reminded HOW MAGNIFICENT, POWERFUL & PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE ?!! Then enjoy this 5-part (5x 1 hour) video series, designed to inspire and activate you into your Divine Feminine essence. Through teaching, energy transmission, movement and meditation, I guide you through these 5 themes: 1) Essence & the False Self 2) So if I'm not this, Who Am I? 3) Unpicking the Lies, Part 1 4) Unpicking the Lies, Part 2 5) You are Shakti ! In 18 years of working with women, alongside my own ongoing awakening journey, I've really gotten to see how everything we've been taught about ourselves and our sexuality is a lie. A lie, that stops you from seeing who and what you truly are. By insinuating itself into your thoughts and very physical structure, blinding you to: 🌺 Your power 🌺 Your pleasure 🌺 Your radiance 🌺 Your authority 🌺 Your wisdom 🌺 Your divinity By associating all that is feminine with shame, fear, darkness, wrongness and sin. And schooling you to look outside yourself for value, love and desire. When this is what you already are. It's a topsy-turvy paradigm, that I'm here to revoke. Standing here and reflecting back to you, your inherent embodiment of magnificence. Your infinite well-spring of life-enhancing energy. And the expansive potential available to you as a woman standing in alignment with her authentic feminine essence. Join me in remembering WHO YOU ARE. Your embodiment of that knowing is a gift to all.

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