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Knowing the Self through the Other

Thank you for being the form through whom I may know my Divine Self more intimately.

In this final 9th month of my Awakening Shakti online programme, we are diving deep into the realms of Divine Union and, in its supreme intelligence, the Universe has gifted me a perfect experience to work with.

As I have been processing a profound intimate meeting, this sentence popped into my head as I was out walking in this afternoon's luscious sunshine:

Thank you for being the form through whom I may know my Divine Self more intimately.

I was wondering why every intimate encounter I have, even if it is fleeting, stirs up such deep sensation, emotion and self-reflection for me.

And yet others I see, seem able to move through sex, intimate encounters and relationships without anything like this amount of disruption to their being.

In conversation with a friend, a knowing crystallised.

If we truly open to the experience of loving intimacy with another, then quite inevitably - alongside the bliss and ecstasy - our shadows and wounding will be touched.

This feels uncomfortable. But, if we surrender to the process and are able to bring awareness to it, we will be changed.

A healing, an integration, an empowerment, a clarity, a deeper self-awareness, a glimpse of the Self beyond the pain: we are one step closer to wholeness; one step closer to God.

For many, this level of discomfort is too challenging. The self wants to stay intact and/or get its unconscious needs met. And so all kinds of defences, denial and avoidance come into play to keep things "safe".

The boat isn't rocked, so it can stay afloat and keep on charting the same old course. Gliding along the surface.

And yet, the opportunity is always there to let go into the vulnerable states arising and, in being with them, recognise our true Self.

At that point it becomes clear that the one standing opposite is that same Divine Self taking form in order for us to know ourselves as that.


And then we might just be moved to bow down before them and from the depths of our tender, awestruck hearts, whisper the words:

"Thank you".

If you're curious to know more or feel the call to my Awakening Shakti programme, the next group begins in January 2020 and I'd love you to join me. Follow this link to the web-page or email me with your questions.

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