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The more we seek to conquer death, the more we kill life

This insight popped into my head this morning, as I mused on the fear that underpins so much activity in the world, from the manic quest to acquire riches, to the building of towering edifices, or the medicalised response to covid.

All of these actions, to my seeing, arise from a fear of death. An impulse to run, block, deny, control and hide from life’s inevitable cycle of destruction. From life itself.

And yet, ironically, this attempt to conquer death leaves behind a trail of inner and outer devastation: as the earth is plundered and polluted, and humans are reduced to stressed-out slaves, divorced from their true vital nature.

We are all dying in every moment. We will all die. There’s nothing dark about that. Death precedes rebirth. Nature teaches us that. There’s a beauty and perfection to it. A reminder of our part in the great mystery.

Surrendering to the truth of this creates a potent opening to life.

If now is all I have, what will I choose ? If now is the only truth, what is there to fear?

This rose is plucked from the funeral flowers for my mother, who died almost 6 weeks ago.

Now those moist petals are fragile and dry. The stem shrivelled and brown. Such beauty and wisdom in the acknowledgement of my self in this eternal spiral of creation.

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