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Whole-istic sexuality


Your sexuality is wholistic, encompassing your connection with all the interwoven, inseparable facets of your wondrous self and all that surrounds you.

That includes:

& your unique genetic blueprint; & your physical, emotional and spiritual relationship with your body; & your history and life experiences; & the beliefs that you were exposed to growing up; & your current beliefs and assumptions; & your past and present intimate relationships; & the myriad communities you're part of; & our ubiquitous media; and & all our many other influences.

All these things together are what has formed your unique relationship with yourself and affect all your connections with the world.

For many people, many of these influences are unconscious and buried in SHADOW and SHAME."

Sheri Winston in her fabulous book "Women's Anatomy of Arousal."

And the reason why many women:

* are unconscious of their sexual conditioning, wounding and traumas until they begin to venture into the territory of sacred sexuality and authentic relating. * have no idea of the ecstatic and orgasmic potential available to them * have given up on experiencing joyful, expansive, multi-orgasmic, spiritual sex * feel fear or resistance when approaching this territory

And why, when you work with me, we explore and address ALL of you and may not even do any overtly sexual practices at all.

Just as an example - you cannot enjoy your full sexual potential if you are not FIRST fully in love with, sensorally aware, cyclically attuned and energetically open in your body!

Or to give another example - you cannot be fully present in love-making if you are lost in your head, so there is a need to cultivate inner stillness through meditative practice (which can include tantric practice of course!).

What heals, awakens and shifts for you in these apparently non-sexual areas will directly impact your capacity for sexual pleasure and opening.

As you make these changes, you then begin to realise that anything can turn you on and all of life is subtly and sacredly erotic. Your whole concept of sex and sensuality shifts, expands and becomes illuminated.

This is what I live and breathe to teach and share.

And why there is so much value in a wise and experienced practitioner, like myself, who not only gets this, but is adept at presence-ing the deeper, darker stuff that often surfaces once you start this journey.

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