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Radiant Womanhood

At the end of my Friday morning Kundalini Yoga class today, as my students and I slowly packed our mats and blankets away, I overheard one student (who was changing back into her “civvies” in the privacy of the yoga studio) say to the other: “that’s a really pretty dress… it looks so lovely on you.”

As I came out of the studio to say goodbye to everyone, I noticed that same student’s hair, which had been striking me all morning as looking so beautifully wavy and wild. I told her this, at which she proceeded to tell me how attractive she’d thought my hair had looked this morning !

And on we went.

It struck me especially today, how much we were all appreciating one another – seeing the beauty in one another – and I loved this. We were (as is often the case) all women. Of all nationalities, ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and fitness levels. But with a definite, yet gentle sense of sisterhood.

I was reminded of the Kundalini Yoga saying: “if you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all” as well as one of the mantras we had practised to: “I am bountiful, blissful and blissful, I am.”

And I smiled to myself, because in the class, we had focussed on opening our hearts and expanding our radiance, and although there is always a warm, peaceful and cohesive glow to us at the end of our practice together, today it was almost as if we couldn’t help but see with the eyes of love.

We had breathed and chanted together, challenged ourselves, relaxed and surrendered, giggled, transcended and been carried together on the tide of sacred music, the guidance I was moved to offer and our own deepening soul connection, as our kundalini – Mata-Shakti – was stirred.

In Kundalini Yoga, we speak of the Radiant Body as one of 10 bodies we inhabit. And it is the relative strength of this body, that will determine our health (of body and mind), ability both to deflect negativity and attract great opportunities, as well as our general projection.

All of us have this, but for women there are two arc lines (whereas men only have one) and specific factors unique to our sex that can impact our Radiant Body. In addition, radiance is regarded as a particularly feminine attribute.

This has nothing to do with a face cream or a face lift, the size of our boobs or butt.

In fact, if we are obsessing about such things, then it’s likely we’re already detracting from our radiance with our thoughts. Because our auric field - that glow from within - grows brighter, when we feel immovably secure, our mind is neutral, our emotions in flow, our creativity expressed and our sensuality fully integrated into the totality of our being.

Kundalini Yoga supports us in that, by gifting us a wealth of tools and techniques, by way of pranayama, meditations, mantras and kriyas (a sequence of postures) specifically for women to remain in alignment with the Infinite, whilst navigating the very real challenges of life and womanhood, as well as the particulars of our unique karma and life-story.

There are practices and a vast body of teachings, for example, that address topics such as:

  • our menstrual cycle/menopause

  • our sensorial and energetic sensitivity

  • our fluctuating emotions and feeling nature

  • motherhood

  • relationships and

  • our all-powerful sexual energy.

The qualities of the Feminine are honoured, and women are respected as equal, but different. Each of us is regarded as a uniquely embodied incarnation of Shakti – the creative power of the universe.

And along with that, we are also aware of the shadow Feminine, which can act out through emotional overwhelm, chaotic thinking, manipulative behaviour, neediness and insecurity.

The yogic solution to that is to continually harness ourselves – through our practice, self-love and conscious endeavour – to that which is greater than our egoic self, whilst simultaneously cultivating the qualities of our inner Masculine polarity.

A Radiant Woman effortlessly exudes love-light, precisely because she is anchored in Divine Union with God and Man.

Just like the mantra we chanted at the end of class today: “God and Me, Me and God are One.


My Radiant Womanhood online Kundalini Yoga course starts on Sunday, April 8th, with a group webinar at 11am GMT, followed by 4 yoga and meditation classes broadcast 8-9am on a Monday morning, and a further webinar on Sunday, April 29th, as well as a private Facebook group with ongoing sharing and support. You can take the course live with me and/or catch up and repeat the classes as often as you like in your own time. Once you are registered, the material is freely available to you. And the material is accessible to ALL LEVELS. You do not have to be a super-bendy yogi. The exchange is just £50. For all the information, follow this link. To make payment and secure your place, click here and if you have any questions, then please be in touch.

My weekly Kundalini Yoga class for all levels takes place on a Friday morning, 9.30-11am at the Haelan Centre, Crouch End, London, N8.

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