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Dancing the Goddess

When you hear the word “Goddess”, what's your immediate response? Some women feel an instant resonance and calling. Others imagine reference to something airy fairy, primped up or so removed from their lived reality that they can’t relate. What if I let you into a secret? In my eyes, by the very fact that you are a woman, you ARE a Goddess. And, no, this doesn’t mean you have to go around wearing a tiara on your head, waving a magic wand and beaming love-hearts at everyone. It simply means that your body, in and of itself, is a manifestation and carrier of Feminine energy. An energy, that in my book, is inherently sacred. And this is where it can get confusing, because as soon as we introduce words like “divine” and “sacred”, there’s the thought that we have to act all holy, look movie-star perfect or rise above the every-day. That can feel like an awful burden or simply irrelevant, when you’re a busy college student, multi-tasking Mum, ambitious career woman or in menopausal transition. But here’s the thing: Goddess-based spirituality is about turning to and embracing ALL of life as divine: your exam papers, leaking breasts, business strategy and hormonal fluctuations; your wrath and fear, depression and death, as much as your ecstasy and awakening. It's also about coming to honour your body and flowing energy as a unique expression of the very same power that makes and creates us, nature and this entire Universe ! The Goddess does not need us to look faux pretty or act faux nice. She invites you to become radically alive through intimate connection with the pungent loam of the earth, the rich red blood of your cycle or the roar of your true voice. The magic here, is that the more you recognise yourself as one with this divine creative energy of all life, the more you will begin to blossom on your soul’s path. In this sense, every moment of your existence is a Dance with the Goddess. When you make this conscious, you can begin to access different aspects of Her being to:

  • manifest your desires,

  • support you in real-life challenges and

  • evolve.

On top of this, different Goddesses give you the opportunity to tap into specific gifts to enrich your life, help you in times of need and expand you into greater wholeness.

Ma Durga, for example, embodies awesome power as an agent of kundalini awakening and change, protector of people and the planet, truth-speaker, leader, giver of strength and courage. Her energy says “don’t mess with me!”, “I see your bullshit and I’m going to call it!” and “let’s get this done!” Where might you need to access these qualities right now in your own life? Or where might Her expression in you slide into shadow, as you become intolerant of weakness, a slave to your egoic drive to perform or unduly harsh with your words? Isn’t it wonderful to feel into the potential here?!! Other Goddesses from the Tantra-Yoga tradition introduce a whole range of qualities and energies to play with, encompassing every aspect of life and our life-cycle as women:

  • Lakshmi for Abundance

  • Kali for Transformation

  • Saraswati for Wisdom & the Arts

  • Dhumavati for Disappointment & Letting Go

  • Parvati for Sacred Marriage

  • Sita for Devotion

  • Lalita Tripura Sundari (my namesake) for Erotic Spirituality

and more. Each of these Goddesses is just waiting for your invitation to dive deeper together in supporting your well-being and growth.

And this is where my Dancing the Goddess course comes in. The Goddess, of course, loves to dance. She IS energy in motion: creating, destroying, birthing again. And for many, me included, the dance is a way to become one with Her. But this is more than “just” a dance class.

This is a journey of deepening and discovery that includes: mantra, meditation, mudra, yoga and sacred circle. Through the process of embodied connection with a different Goddess from the Tantra-Yoga tradition, you will:

  • bring balance to your inner masculine energy

  • deepen into an awareness of your unique essence and purpose

  • enhance your spiritual growth and insight

  • feel increasingly authentic and empowered

  • experience gentle healing and emotional release

  • love your body and sensuality

  • access greater energy and aliveness in your being

  • know yourself as part of a wider sisterhood

  • touch the ecstatic mystery of Her field of love

You may also be interested in my Awakening Shakti one-to-one Intensive coaching programme.

My thanks to Sally Kempton, whose amazing book - "Awakening Shakti" - is the inspiration for several aspects of this journey, as well as to Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and her book "Yoni Shakti" , my teacher, the late Shakti Malan, and my Priestess of Rhiannon training and initiation with Katinka Soetens.

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