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How the Sex/Spirit Split Creates Disempowerment & Dysfunction

This morning I turned on the radio and heard the news of yet another senior Catholic religious person (I'm sorry, but I really don't care if they're a priest, Bishop or the bloody Pope) being brought to trial for child sexual abuse.

Dear God!


Dear God!

This has been happening now for DECADES!

Why is nobody asking the question as to WHY this is happening and has been happening for so very long?

It astounds and appalls me.

Isn't is very very obvious to see, that the attempt to separate God and Sex is doomed to failure and only ever creates perversion?


And it is the most powerful force on earth. It's what creates, lives and breathes you and me and everything we see.

It's the SAME energy that can awaken us to our highest potential as human beings and grant us the embodied knowing that we are one with Mother-Father God.

We do not need and have never needed anyone to intercede for us or interpret gospels written by privileged white men to maintain status, wealth and power.

When we repress this vital life-force, it goes underground and, inevitably leads to distortion and projection.

We objectify others, develop compulsive secret sexual habits or addictions and become more prone to shadow, even dark sexual behaviour - including abuse, rape and other forms of sexual violence and dishonouring.

Why have the Catholic Church and most organised religion sought to suppress and control our sexuality - and with it, the female sex, who are regarded as its carrier?

Because it liberates and empowers us.

When a woman or man is in touch with their sexuality and knows how to use their sexual energy to evolve their consciousness, they have the potential to become self-realised.

They cannot be controlled. They discover the truth of all truths within.

THIS is why women have traditionally been so controlled and oppressed by world religions.

THIS is why the FEMININE has been so dishonoured and undervalued in world cultures.

THIS is why we have been inculcated from a young age to feel shame around our bodies and our sexuality.

THIS is why the infinite ecstasy and power of true sacred sexual merger has been hidden from us and replaced with the pornographic ideal of senseless fucking.

When the truth is we are the physical manifestations of the Goddess.

Our bodies and our desire are the most natural, God-given, beautiful and pristine expressions of Divine LOVE.

And when we know this and bring this to our sexual relations, we can manifest miracles, open hearts and raise our consciousness.

Sex and Spirit are not separate, opposing qualities. They are ONE. In us.

We are not here to repress, control or deny our vital nature, but to live and love it. And, if we are called, to discover that this very same drive in us is also the drive to AWAKEN.

This doesn't mean we have to be actively sexual. That is an empowered choice we can make. Sacred sexuality regards all of life as a great making love with the Divine.

If only someone had taught those priests, that we can be healthily celibate and sexually alive. We can raise and transmute our sexual energy. We can fully FEEL our desire and use that impulse to experience bliss and unity consciousness.

This is my greatest passion - to share with the world the knowing that Sex and Spirit are one and the same, and our passport to the most blissful, empowered and fulfilling life you ever thought possible!

If you'd like to start your way on this path of embodied spirituality, check out my Awakening Your Ecstatic Potential online self-study course or contact me to explore my one-to-one intensive coaching programme.

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