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a reminder to feel

With all that is going on right now, most of us get very quickly caught up in debating facts.

The focus on facts and rational analysis is, of course, important.

But, at the same time, we all know that there are lies, damm lies and statistics and that scientific evidence changes depending upon who is looking down the microscope.

The very fact of looking changes the outcome.

We could say that objective truth is an illusion, despite the centuries of programming to favour mind over body.

And, in fact, to make anybody speaking about their body or their emotions seem mad, weak, unreliable & ridiculous.

This has all been a part of the demonisation and denigration of the feminine. An aspect we ALL embody, but which we have all been taught to cut off from, control and mistrust.

And this is, in my view, at the root of a serious imbalance within us and out in the wider world.

Right now, with the whole covid debate, look at how we endlessly cite facts, experts and get stuck up our own arses (or perched on our high horses) vying to be "right".

And how quickly this polarises the issue and gets people's backs up.

It's also a classic old-school patriarchal approach. If it's a man with a title, someone in a suit or letters after their name. If they come from a top University, then *of course* they are more likely to be right. (That's meant ironically by the way).

But there's something really important missing here to bring balance, wisdom and bridge opinion division.

Heart. Love. Feeling. Sensing. Awareness. Intuition. Wisdom. Compassion.

Feminine Gifts.

These are gifts we are all born with, but that are bashed out of us by the system.

That's why I trust my kids' sixth sense about people and places 100%. They can sniff a rotter or a liar a mile off.

So can you. But you've been programmed not to trust your instincts.

I was subject to that programming too. And every single time I over-rode my instincts, I got hurt. In the worst case of it, I ended up in an abusive relationship, despite the red flags.

Here's what I can tell you after working with the body and spirituality for 17 years and after devoting my life to teaching awakening for women.

When I sit with a client or a group of women, I can pick up on what is going on for them emotionally, psychically and physically without them needing to say anything.

I can read their body language. I can read their energy. I can feel what they are feeling inside me.

Similarly, when I'm out and about, I can pick up on a person's energy. My body bristles at possible danger. My sixth sense detects a lie. I will intuit truth and feel light.

99% of the time what I FEEL in my body and know in my gut - not my mind, is SPOT ON. The only time I regret things in life is when I have not trusted or listened to this deep embodied wisdom of mine.

At a time, when what I see happening is an attempt to literally invade and seize our bodily sovereignty, I urge each and every one of you to come back to your body and forge a loving relationship with it.

And to begin to listen to what you FEEL and SENSE.

For one thing, what you feel and sense can never be denied by another. You can't get polarised over it. Nobody can get triggered if you tell them how you feel (well, unless they're a narcissistic abuser!).

It can actually build bridges, create intimacy and invite compassion. It's also a key tool for self-healing on both a physical and psychic level.

But it's also a super powerful radar and navigator for you in a world of information overload and attempted thought control.

When you listen to or read material about covid (or anything else important!), drop out of your mind and into your belly and your heart. Breathe deeply. What is your knowing? What do you feel? Do you trust this person?

Forget the label of Dr, Lawyer, MP. Forget Democrat/Republican. Forget what everybody else has told you.

What do YOU feel to be true?

Start trusting and honouring that truth. It's your route to self-healing & sovereignty.

Thanks for reading. I'm an expert at teaching Embodied Awareness. If you'd like to study with me, there are a number of ways. I have a ton of free videos on my youtube channel. I teach 3 online Shakti Yoga classes a week. I dive deeply into embodiment in my 9-month Awakening Shakti Group Programme and I also offer one-to-one sessions.

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