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attacking comes from unhealed pain

I've been posting on social media and reflecting a lot lately on the whole epidemic issue. And while in meditation the other day, I had an insight.

It's so obvious, I reckon you probably know it already. And yet, I feel there's value in seeing it written down. Absorbing this simple truth in words.

At one point in my meditation, the image of a person came to mind, who had made a few attacking/aggressive jabs at me on Facebook in response to my posts.

My self had felt this was all a little unfair and been veering between wondering what compassionate, yet clever reply I could craft and feeling exhausted at the thought of entering any deeper into what I knew would be a bottomless pit of word ping pong.

But then BOOM ! I realised that everything this person was doing and saying arose from their own pain.

Their wound, their trauma, their fear. Projected onto me. An unseen, unmet need for their pain to be felt and loved home.

I realised there was no point in pointing this out to them and that I also didn't have to feel guilty for setting a boundary and disengaging.

But I also recognised that, had they done the work to process their pain, then my words and posts would not have triggered them. It would have been water off a duck's back as they say.

So now I'm wondering how much of all the verbal abuse and reactivity that's flying about in the world originates in trauma?

And how we can all play our part in healing the world, by owning and feeling our pain?

This is one of the simple, yet essential steps towards sovereignty and maturity, I share with all my clients, whether in one-to-one sessions or in my Awakening Shakti online group programme.


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