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How your dating, relating & sexuality are related

Patriarchy teaches us to divide and separate.

It's a belief system that disconnects us from what is organically inter-woven.

Such as sex and spirit, body and mind, masculine and feminine.

So when I talk about Sexual Sovereignty, some people switch off, assuming this isn't relevant to them.

Because the mind says: "she's talking about sex. That's not my focus. I'm interested in dating and relating."

Overlooking the obvious and direct connection.

To spell it out..

  • who you are attracted to (or not)

  • who you magnetise to you (or not)

  • who you're being intimate with and how (or not)

  • how you flirt (or not)

  • who and how you date

  • what feelings get triggered for you in the process of dating, relating and mating

  • the quality of intimacy on ALL levels with your partner

  • your reasons for wishing to be in or out of relationship

are all directly influenced by your conditioning around your self, your womanhood and sexuality.

Which is the sum total of your culture, society, religion, parenting and early relationship and intimacy experiences.

Housed in your lower three chakras.

Your sexuality isn't just a fun activity you do in bed, that is separate from your her-story.

It is both an expression of your deepest sub-conscious and your feminine energy.

And because the body and sexuality are so central to a woman's power and spiritual gifts, this part of you has been especially targeted by belief systems of objectification, fear, shame and evil.

Only for most people, this remains unconscious.

Meaning that painful relationship dynamics and shadow behaviours are re-played.

Secrets and lies. Victims/abusers. Anxious/avoidant. Seduction & manipulation. People get hurt. Blame is cast. Pleasure is limited. Life-force sapped. Growth hindered. True power and intimacy blocked.

And the one thing we all long for - love and meaningful connection - is thwarted.

To start creating something new, we need to clear our bodies, minds, hearts and womb-space of these old patterns.

And start plugging in to the lightening force of Shakti: Divine Feminine Energy. She who arouses AND awakens.

My SOVEREIGN SEXUAL WOMAN in-person retreat is coming up on the weekend of June 18-19, 2022, here in London.

Early Bird pricing ends on May 31st. Message me your questions.



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