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listen to her

Listen to Her.

And before any men reading this go running for the metaphorical door or putting their guard up, I invite you to read on.

I'm speaking from the place I call my feminine. My heart and soul.

You know this place too. We ALL do.

And I'm speaking to everyone equally.

Because both men and women are a beautiful co-creation of masculine and feminine aspects.

And sure, women tend to embody more feminine and men more masculine, but these are qualities and energies in us ALL.

The thing is, we have also all been conditioned (as have our ancestors for well over 2000 years) to privilege a masculine way of being, doing, thinking and acting in the world.

And an un-enlightened one at that.

The conditioning runs so deep - deep into the marrow of our bones and the synapses of our brains - that, until we wake up to it - we assume this IS the nature of reality.

It is not.

But until this dream-spell is interrupted, we continue to blindly replicate it.

Not understanding, that it is WE who are creating the dysfunction, dis-ease and destruction in the world, in relationship and in our bodies.

Yes, from that ache in your shoulder or the pain in your neck (LOL!) to the pollution of the oceans and the rape of the rain-forest.

The way you numb out on porn, shopping, over-work or alcohol, rather than do what it takes to address the growing rift with your partner.

Your over-eating or over-training.

Our reliance on drugs and medical band-aids to fix imbalances of the body-mind.

Our incessant privileging of the mind, thoughts, worries, projections, the facts, the science, the plans. Analysing, calculating, comparing, evaluating.

Searching for solutions in books, online and in our heads.

But meanwhile - we are not listening to HER.

She, who is nature, life-force, sexuality, emotion, intuition, creativity, sensation, energy and the physical body.

Instead, we have sought to control, dominate, repress, tamp down.

Over-power. Kill. Beat.

Own, possess, project onto, objectify, belittle, make less, worth less.

Disrespect, dishonour, mis-trust, discard.

Creating a world of imbalance, violence and separation.

This isn't a rant at men. It's a passionate invocation for Her - the Divine Feminine - to be heard.

By us all. For the sake of our selves, our families and our world.

And yes, it starts with me - and you.

This has been my personal and professional work for the past 17 years.

And I am STILL coming across new places within myself, where the programming has persisted outside my awareness, stunting my fullest success, well-being and self-expression.

I see it in all of my clients. And I see it in every facet of the world.

She is asking you to listen.

And if that doesn't mean very much to you in this moment, start with the intention to:

- honour your physical body as sacred - centre yourself in your heart - feel and love all of your emotions without reserve or judgement

- pay steady attention to all the sensations and impressions your body is gifting you.

without leaping up into the mind for commentary or interpretation.

Breathe and be. Breathe and feel. Deepen into your inner wisdom.

Know that the more you deeply, truly and sincerely listen to Her, the more She will gift you Her luscious sensuality, Her passionate love, Her joyful embodiment, Her infinite creativity, Her deepest mystical secrets, Her cosmic healing and Her expansive opening into bliss!

Thank you.

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