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The body's way

I didn't need somebody to tell me to stay home and quarantine. I barely left my bed for 10 days, because I felt so ill.

It wasn't just common sense - my body made sure I had no choice by giving me a super high fever and aches and pains.

There's no way I would have wanted to hang out and socialise with people. Even sitting up to sip water was an effort.

I wasn't hungry, but I craved fresh juice, fresh fruit and vegetables and organic bone broth. My body told me clearly what it needed and I listened.

I've always been very at home in and connected with my body. But I've also trained in conscious embodiment through many different body-mind-spirit modalities, plus regular western anatomy and physiology, as well as eastern theories of the energy body.

Which means a) I'm acutely aware of any shifts in my physical state and b) I understand, that everything is connected.

During my White Belt Nia Technique training over 18 years ago, I learned that self-healing is possible and it starts and ends with me being deeply attuned to body, mind, emotions and spirit as one.

Since then, sure, I've been ill with the odd flu, but I've not experienced one injury or "bad" anything, despite being super active in yoga, dance and running.

I feel this level of self-awareness and self-empowerment is sorely missing in our society and mainstream medical models.

And that this is a huge part of the current problem.

Individuals are not in tune with their own bodies and so lack the confidence and wisdom to midwife and support their body's natural intelligence, which is designed to heal.

They are giving their power away to politicians, doctors and scientists trained in this reductionist, disconnected, dissociative way of thinking, that looks to stamp out symptoms, rather than holistically understand and address the root cause.

I see such arrogance here. Such a lack of love and respect for the body or the totally unique circumstances of each individual.

There is no sense of the body as one with nature. Of illness or pain as an expression of imbalance, asking for healing through awareness.

The fear of pain, the fear of death. It's the fear of life. Of the feminine. Of the body. Of the uncontrollable and unknowable.

We need to learn to listen to Her. (The Feminine and the Body, which for me are one and the same). To trust Her. Implicitly. And be willing to enter Her mystery.

There is so much running. Running away from feeling. Running away from discomfort. Running away from pain. Running away from death. Yet each of these aspects of our being are an invitation to a deeper presence-ing of life.

She is asking to be met. In sickness and in health.

We don't need mandated lockdowns, isolation, masks, tests or jabs.

We don't need some external authority supposing to know what is best for us (as if they could!).

We don't need some hashed up poison to "protect" us from illness whilst killing thousands and lining billionaire's pockets.

We just need to turn towards our wise and beautiful bodies and listen. "What do you need? What is your yes? What is your no? What feels true for you? Who do you trust? And how can I best support you to heal and thrive right now?"

As with everything this crisis is catalysing, this is part of a revolution in all the ways we've "done things".

Because living this way - in tune, aware, listening in - means saying no to the 9-5 and the push to be productive. The drive to get back to work, even when you're ill, because you "have to".

All of which originates in the drive for profit and the fear of expendability.

Expansion and acquisition with no limit. Blind to anything but self-interest.

A way of living that is killing the planet. And has enslaved us for centuries. Trapping us in the hamster wheel of stress and mindless doing. Which, of course, creates dis-ease of body and mind. Demand for pharmaceuticals to keep going. And around we go.

It's time to stop, say no and start to live the body's way.


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