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This morning a one-to-one client wrote to me:

"I feel like something has really shifted. Amazing that we do all this work in our heads, and yet we can still get totally taken by surprise as to what we find hidden within. I had no idea that was an issue.”

This lady is super smart and super successful.

She's clued in and aware, dedicated to her healing and personal growth and ready to invest in the mentors who call to her.

That's my soul mate client right there

Our clients often mirror aspects of ourselves back to us. So I tend to work with women, who are brainy.

No point being falsely modest. I'm an intellectual as much as an embodiment afficionado (yes, they can co-exist).

So while us smarty pantses can be brilliant at grasping concepts and analysing things, the mind can become either an escape route or a sticking point, when it comes to actual transformation.

As a case in point, when I was starting out on my own healing journey, I'd been having counselling for several months, but not really getting anywhere.

It just all felt so stilted sitting there in those chairs facing each other and I'd come out with my feelings all stirred up, but no resolution.

And then I went to a tantra workshop and within 30-40 minutes of kundalini shaking, so much emotional and energetic detritus had left my body - without me needing to know or understand anything about it - that I felt ecstatic in a way I'd never ever experienced in all my then 44 years.

In our heady, dualistic world, analsysis or talk therapy continues to be privileged.

Just as up-and-out transcendence has been privileged in spirituality.

But the thing is - your unconscious is written in the body.

And your spirituality needs to come down to Earth.

Meaning that the only way to experience holistic, lasting change and live awake is THROUGH THE BODY.

Otherwise, you will by-pass your shadows and continue to act them out.

Hence all the horrific abuse we've seen perpetrated by so-called Gurus.

Sure, they might be able to manifest a mango or a crystal out of thin air. Or lead you into blissful meditation. But they've still not integrated their shadows around greed, lust or power. And that's the real spiritual work right there.

What is revealed and healed through the practices of embodied awareness that are central to my work is often a surprise to my clients, precisely because your ego is invested in hiding your shadows and we are conditioned to think - as opposed to feel - our way through problems and expect it to be complicated.

Clever minds are great at coming up with all kinds of ways to keep the veil of forgetting and illusion in place.

But so long as we bow at the altar of thinking, we are stalling our growth and avoiding the inevitable.

The ego thinks it might hurt or we might be revealed to be bad people. Essentially, it's afraid of being undone.

Truth is, it might feel physically uncomfortable - for a bit. But the irony is that it's only in being willing to feel fully, that we are able to finally release what's been holding us hostage.

That shift my client experienced. It happened within under 30 minutes. A sticking point, that had been controlling her for years.

So do all the therapy you like, but if you're not also including the body, I suspect you could be spending an awful lot of money and not getting anwhere fast.

Even as movement and meditation are a part of my daily routine, as I've been teaching my RAPTURE course over the past 6 weeks - teaching embodiment practices and tantric meditations 3x a week - besides witnessing my clients experience unexpected shifts and insights, I have felt the benefits myself.

More joy. More radiance, More self-love. More purpose. A powerful breakthrough around self-worth.

Believe me, your mind will come up with all kinds of reasons for you to avoid the body and the feelings, but this is where the gold is.

Especially if you are a woman.

RAPTURE round 2 launches on Sunday, June 20th, 2021 with unlimited general registration and VIP slots for just 4 women.

And I'm currently available for a few new one-to-one clients, who are ready for deep healing and potent shifts.



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