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The Appeal of Being Real

Truth is SO important to a life that is vital, free, creative, connected and healthy! But most of us have grown up with a conditioning that teaches us to lie. And living in dishonesty - on ANY level - squashes our spirit, deadens our aliveness, kills intimacy and can - literally - make us ill!

This is what I know from 13 years of travelling the path of awakening and searching so desperately for love, connection and holistic well-being. And it's something I am committed to every day.

Truth is the foundation of tantra. It's also the key-stone of my yoga practice as I tune in with the mantra "Sat Nam", which means "truth is my name. And as a Dakini, it's even more than that: it's an essential expression of my sacred feminine essence and soul's purpose.

Dishonesty is often the result of an unconscious drive to avoid feeling, shun self-responsibility or control life. But life, as we to must learn, cannot be controlled. And so long as we communicate with an agenda, rather than presence and real-ness, we will continue to feel thwarted, confused and disconnected.

Ironically, as soon as we drop the attempt to be anything other than what we are, the universe will begin to respond to us with more love, connection and respect!

I have seen this again and again with my blog-posts and sharing. The more raw and authentic I am, the more positive a response I get. Similarly, whenever I speak my truth from the heart to another, it is the received and their response is never whatever I might have feared it might be.

The more radical honesty is practised, more liberated we become.

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