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Dying to the new


Loving that number !

Looking at my phone screen this morning and seeing the digit "1" and the red dot at the very start of a new year felt good !

A beginning. A stepping through. A leaving behind.

Standing on the threshold of... the unknown. And that feels good too.

If life has taught me anything in 2021, it is to surrender.

The best of intentions and noble plans subverted by covid and family crisis.

Even as long-held dreams, such as the publication of my book, RAPTURE, came to delicious fruition.

I could probably list all manner of other "accomplishments" and yet these do not seem significant right now.

As I sit at this gateway, dropped deep into stillness and the embrace of expansive no-thing. Let go.

I have meditated with darkness this morning and in dying into its embrace, experienced such ecstasy and succour.

If only death were not feared. It is essential for all life and creation. All pleasure and awakening even.

As Jeshua said: "it is in dying that we are born to eternal life".

If we are lucky, we get to realise this before spirit leaves our physical form.

Death and rebirth are the only constant in our rising and falling. Our shape-shifting and evolution.

My prayer today is to be bold and trusting enough to keep dropping the layers of not-self, so as to embody the new.

Allowing my self to truly live as one with Divine.

Relinquishing my grip.

Honouring the sacred rhythms of my own energetic and instinctive flow, that always align me with truth, power and ease.

To meet life from that well-pool of eternity, with an open heart and mind, and the continual orientation of devotion.

And in this way, playing my part in co-creating the New Earth that so wishes to be born through us. We are here to usher her in.

This does not mean it always feels good or looks pretty. In fact, those aspirations block both our descent and ascent.

Worldly ideals of perfection are a self-defeating illusion.

Success just as meaningful as failure.

Both labels that divide experience into wanted/unwanted.

Denying half our experience.

Let us embrace it all. Our all.

Let us humble ourselves and open.

Let us listen closely to the whispers of our soul and the stirrings of divine intelligence that arise from a depth beyond the known.

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