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When I was a young teen, I nicked my sister's copy of "The Exorcist".

Bloody hell! I wish I hadn't, but I couldn't help myself once I'd started. And it scared the living daylights out of me.

I've never thought of it before, but maybe that's why I became a born-again Christian not long after. LOL !

One of the images from the book that always struck me, was the inserting of an upside-down cruxifix into a vagina.

It was both horrific and erotic. And boy how ashamed I felt for getting turned on by something so irreverent and scarey.

Why am I telling you this?

Well over the past few weeks as I've been writing my book RAPTURE - A Guide to Sexual & Spiritual Awakening for Women - it's struck me more strongly than ever before how the patriarchal belief system is a perversion of truth.

The opening chapter, in fact, is titled: EVERYTHING YOU'VE BEEN TAUGHT IS A LIE.

And as I've worked my way through the material, it's like I'm having to flip every prevailing belief about womanhood, sexuality and spirituality on its head.

Turning it upside down, to reveal reality.

Liberating our bodies, hearts and minds from centuries of programming that disempower, disconnect and dis-pleasure.

And whilst I dropped my Christian faith over 30 years ago and have never since subscribed to the belief in evil, I am currently seeing how the patriarchal narrative is LIFE-destroying.

Playing out in so many ways that most people take for granted, that its insidious agenda isn't recognised.

From the self-loathing and body-hate I witness to varying degrees in pretty much every woman I've ever worked with, to the sexual shame and sense of separation so prevalent.

Extending beyond that, to the way in which governments are devoid of compassion, embodied wisdom or holistic intelligence.

As much as the greedy profiteering and short-sighted pillaging of Earth's natural resources by corporations and Big Pharma.

This same consciousness is also what I see and sense behind the current DIVOC narrative (another inverse crucifix), which all the mainstream systems and structures seek to uphold.

Rooted, ultimately in a FEAR OF DEATH. Both on a meta and individual level. Loss of power, money, influence, control.

With zero awareness, that we can die into eternal life now. Here on Earth. If we just drop below the surface into BEING. And taste the NECTAR OF LIFE at its Source.

And ultimately, that is what my work is really and truly about.

They call orgasm "la petite mort" (the little death). Because in that moment of surrender our "I" disappears. Making space for God/Love/Truth to move through. And it feels DIVINE.


That is one of the biggest lies I'm here to revoke.

And once we've embodied that knowing, we're no longer hostage to all the other bullshit either.

I've devised a life-changing 6-week course to accompany my book, which is completing its first round next week, before re-launching on Sunday, June 20th, 2021.

Here's my call out to all the women, who want this freedom for themselves and are ready to dig deep.

There is unlimited enrolment, plus 4 VIP spaces for those, who want more of my dedicated 1-2-1 mentoring throughout. Link in comments below. Join me x

Art: Divine Mother by Sofija Bogdanovic

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