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Sacred snakes of sensuality

Snakes have gotten a bad rap.

In the Bible, of course, they are associated with sin and Satan.

We have been taught to fear them.

Just as we have been taught to fear the feminine and sexuality.

The connection isn't random.

I'll never forget the arousal I felt as a teenager, when I surreptitiously read "Emmanuelle", featuring a scene, in which a woman was penetrated by a snake.

The cover, of course, featured a snake too.

At the time I didn't understand the symbolism at play.

Not until much later.

It wasn't until I trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and tantrika - in my 40s - that I got it.

Kundalini Shakti energy - THE Divine Feminine creative force of life - is depicted (and may be experienced) as a serpent.

That rises from the root chakra at the perineum to the crown at the top of the head.

Awakening consciousness as she goes.

Catalysing sensual pleasure in the genitals and transcendent bliss at the crown.

Gifting us the experience of our one-ness with the Divine.

Opening our third eye.

Uniting masculine and feminine.

Initiating our sovereignty.

This IS the path of sacred sexuality.

Which does not require a devotee to engage in any sexual acts at all.

Though there are many delicious and potent practices that couples can share to activate and flow Shakti energy together.

Both with and without physical union.

Such is the power of the serpent.

No wonder it, sex and the feminine have been demonised.

As I say in my book RAPTURE, "everything you've been taught is a lie."

Church and patriarchy combined have subverted the truth.

And hidden the liberating potential of feminine and sexual energy.

Deeply inculcating fear and shame of our own true nature.

The result? Humans, that are tamed and controlled. Living in endless loops of limitation and suffering.

Dysfunction, division, disempowerment, separation and perversion.

And war actually. On nature. Between peoples.

Ending this cycle requires a thorough cleansing of the body-mind from such thinking.

Embracing and embodying Kundalini Shakti.

Turning the lies on their head.

Reclaiming the body and sensuality as sacred.

Honouring the Feminine.

That's what I'm about.

SOVEREIGN SEXUAL WOMAN An in-person retreat. June 18-19, Hampstead, London, NW5 Message me your questions.

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