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I was meditating this morning on my best ever sexual experiences to-date.

"To-date" being important to note, since I anticipate my experiences will only ever continue to heighten and expand.

Yes, even as in the eye of the mainstream I look middle-aged. Since, I know that looks and age are irrelevant when it comes to the pleasure and awakened orgasmicness it's possible to know.

In preparation for my SOVEREIGN SEXUAL WOMAN Retreat (June 18-19), my whole focus has been on embodying and aligning to the themes I'll be teaching about.

Hence my reflection this morning on the "best ever" times.

Even as I guess I know this already, I saw very clearly how those peak experiences had three key factors in common:

SANCTITY - my lovers and I had both either been immersed in a space of sacred ritual and embodied awareness prior to making love or brought that intention to our union or tantric exchange.

LOVE - our union took place in a field of love, either because of the aforementioned immersion in an intentional tantric field - which is heart-opening - or because we unreservedly embodied love for one another.

SURRENDER - we were both fully present and open to the mystery. No expectation. No thought. No trying to make something happen. No attachment to outcome. No routinised agenda. Pure presence. Pure flow. The sacred alchemy of energy and consciousness, which IS tantra.

And it is worth saying, that when I have been flying solo, the same applies.

I felt called to share this, because there is so much misunderstanding and distortion these days around sex and tantra.

In the tantric fields I have been in and now hold space for, the primary energy is one of LOVE, not lust.

And all that creates and contributes to that:





INTIMACY, real intimacy - really see-ing and being seen.

Which, if you ask me, is the opposite of how all of us have been conditioned to be.

Hence the prevalence of so much bad sex and dysfunctional relating.

Never living up to the promise of MAKING LOVE.

To begin to shift and elevate your sexual experience, whether solo or partnered, I suggest you start by:

  • creating a sacred space

  • taking time to share in practices of embodied awareness, energy clearing and meditation FIRST

  • being fully authentic and heart-centred

  • dropping any agenda and letting go into the flow of energy + presence

Yes, I know, all of this also goes against the grain of our consumerist, fast-paced culture. But these are the tantric keys. Take them or leave them. It's up to you!

ps. my SOVEREIGN SEXUAL WOMAN Retreat is happening in person in London, June 18-19. For those of you, who wish to liberate your energy, activate your power and elevate your lived experience.

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