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Women uphold patriarchy too

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

I've been teaching embodied awareness and mentoring women through their sexual and spiritual awakening for 18 years now.

And one of the preconceptions about this work, that can show up in both men and women, is that's it all about invoking the Goddess, communing with the womb and prancing around in red floaty robes.

In other words: that our attention is purely upon the aesthetically and physically pleasing "feminine" pieces.

Let me burst that bubble for you right now.


The reality of this growth path is that it's vulnerable and confronting; demanding courage, commitment and a willingness to navigate discomfort and pain.

There is no way but through and we come ready to meet our shadows.

And as we do so, we are inevitably going to have to see and sift through, then feel and heal from, all the ways in which we have been conditioned or wounded by the patriarchy.

Which is never more embedded, controlling and oppressive of the feminine, than in the realm of our bodies, emotions and sexuality.

Our wild woman liberation and mature, queenly sovereignty can only come through the illumination of all the ways in which we've internalised beliefs that deny or denigrate the feminine.

As, for example, in the corporate woman, who is so in her masculine, she's utterly lost touch with her senses and closed down her heart.

Or the Mum at the school gate, who just loves to make bitchy comments about the appearance of her peers, regarding them as her rivals.

Or the brilliantly talented woman, who tones herself down, still doubts her good-enough-ness and keeps pushing herself to over-achieve.

Or the girl, who thinks her value is dependent on her looks and that without make-up, revealing attire and lip plumpers, she's undesirable.

Or all those women, who feel ashamed of their bodies or emotions.

Or think they're "too old/fat/think/ugly" to be/do/have whatever it is they actually want.

And then the ones, who use their sexuality to trade for "love", attention, a home or the illusion of security.

These are just a few ways, in which we uphold the patriarchy.

Sisters doing it unto themselves.

So one of the vital steps in our journey is to meet the masculine within ourselves.

Because we haven't been taught and have very few role models of what healthy masculinity looks like.

And all of us have been programmed (if not traumatised) by the distorted/immature masculine worldview that has proliferated.

You wanna stand in your true power and essence as an awakened woman?

Then you gotta reveal and heal all that's been messed up about your relationship with the masculine. AND then upgrade it.

My MEETING THE MASCULINE programme is a powerful way to gift yourself this upgrade.

It's available for self-study now AND I'm offering the next live round starting Sunday, August 29th, 2021 and running for 6 weeks.

Love, Shakti

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