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What are you angry about?

In my Awakening Shakti Online Group Programme for women just now, I am teaching on Authentic Power & Sovereignty.

Anger is an important part of this teaching.

Generally speaking, women have been taught to suppress their anger and men learn to project it out in what can quickly become aggression or violence.

Man's fear of a woman's wrath can lead him to withdraw, shut down or attempt to defend himself by pointing out her irrationality or staking a claim to greater authority.

Which, of course, will only stoke her anger higher and reduce the chances of any kind of resolution! LOL !

Underneath anger for either gender lies vulnerability and woundedness.

It's also a vital emotion to ensure we hold healthy boundaries of self-honouring.

But in much of our lives and relating, it comes out distorted: bitterness, chaotic rage, destructive violence, senseless fucking, porn addiction, passive aggression, illness and depression.

All of which diminish intimacy - with the self, the other and life. And all of which are disempowered / disempowering ways of acting out.

Getting in touch with your anger and marrying it with awareness and love is thus a super-important step in claiming your power and relating authentically.

Yes. Love and anger can co-exist. And anger in and of itself isn't damaging or wrong.

The raw energy of anger is enlivening, purifying and empowering. It is awakening and - when cleanly expressed - enhances truth and intimacy.

It can also be the clarion call for action. As well as fuel for change.

The more you own, accept and allow yourself to fully feel and voice your anger from a vulnerable, open-hearted place, the more you'll also be able to stay present to anger in others.

What are you angry about?

And what happens in your body, if you allow yourself to fully feel that energy without shame, shut-down or finger-pointing?

The answer to these questions can provide clues to your empowerment.

If you'd like to explore what it is to embody authentic power and sovereignty as a woman or receive support in navigating a challenging situation, then be in touch to discuss my one-to-one coaching.

If you'd like to explore this theme in a group, then my next Awakening Shakti Online Group Programme will launch in January 2020. Message me now to join the waiting list.

And if you'd like to explore you potential for a more passionate, purposeful engagement with life - including the ownership of your anger - in a workshop setting, then join me and Nick Clements for our workshop Re-Wilding & Reconciliation - on Sunday, June 9th, here in London.

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