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Am I there yet?

For so many on the spiritual path, there is this sense of climbing a ladder to nirvana.

The belief, that we are on a hierarchical, progressive path, that takes us from A to B.

And that we will be a better, potentially even superior, person, once we get to the pinnacle of the spiritual mountain.

It's a great way to trick ourselves into never being content with where we're at.

To put off happiness until tomorrow.

To find reasons to judge ourselves - or others - for "not being awake"

And to avoid being intimate with what is.

Waking up can happen now. Whatever is going on.

Whatever is going in is the perfect and only gateway.

There isn't a ladder. There isn't a higher or lower. Not really.

We encompass it all. We spiral through. And there is no end in sight.

So better to put down the binoculurs and give our all to fullest being in this very moment.

You were already here. You just overlooked the fact.

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