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What does it mean to be a sovereign sexual woman?

Being a Sovereign Sexual Woman doesn’t mean you think about sex all the time, want sex all the time or are necessarily even sexually active.

What it does mean is that you have first illuminated, then extricated yourself from the conditioning and wounding around your womanhood.

Liberating your vital energy and taking ownership of your desire.

It means you’ve stopped playing little girl games and acting out the unconscious shadows of feminine sexuality. Even though they’re on display all around you.

It means that even if your mother was a martyr, madonna or victim, you no longer carry that burden for her.

And even if your father was absent, avoidant or abusive, you no longer look to men to fill the hole of worthlessness that created. Least of all by trading your sexual energy for the illusion of intimacy.

It means that even though you were told that sex is sin, your body imperfect and your blood disgusting, you’ve reclaimed your somatic and erotic essence as magical and divine.

Whole-heartedly embracing and celebrating your sensuality as fundamental to your well-being, creativity and spirituality.

Not to please, tease, tempt, seduce or appease anybody else. But purely for you and the full activation of your soul gifts.

As a Sovereign Sexual Woman, you take responsibility for your pleasure and no longer tolerate any form of touch or energetic/physical incursion that doesn’t feel delicious and warmly welcome.

Vocalising your yes and no, as much as your erotic wishes and moans of ecstasy.

Because you feel no shame. You know your worth. You know your wants. And you honour them.

Self-fulfilled and self-pleasured. Radiant. Aware. Empowered.

This is how you grace the world - and all in it - with your awakened feminine essence.

Sovereign Sexual Woman - my first in-person workshop for over 2 years is happening on the weekend of June 18-19 here in London.

We’ll be gathering in a gorgeous, womby retreat space just a few minutes from Hampstead Heath, London, NW5 and spaces are limited to 12, ensuring a deep and intimate encounter.

Registration is £222 on/before May 31st, and £333 thereafter.

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