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Tantric sexuality has made me a better mum

The more I've awakened sexually & spiritually, the better Mum I've become.

The more I've made space for and invested in my own pleasure, joy and spiritual deepening, the more love, presence and wisdom I've had to share.

The more I've healed my own wounds and shadows, the less I've passed them on.

Let's ditch the ridiculous notion, that Mums aren't & can't be both profoundly spiritual and deliciously sexy.

Or that pursuing our own desire and soul's expression in the world is selfish.

Our awakened sexual energy serves everyone.

I've never had more love to pour upon my kids, than when I'm home from a tantric workshop, sexy weekend or ecstatic dance.

By modelling the authenticity and self-awareness the tantric path has taught me, my kids have learned emotional intelligence and conscious communication. To a level way beyond not only their peers, but most elders.

And by following my bliss and continuously cultivating my passions, I've inspired them to follow suit.

Our embodiment of Shakti & the tantric way brings more love, joy, beauty, pleasure, truth, creativity and awareness into being.

Everybody wins.

Our orgasmicness makes the world a better place.

So claim it ladies. For yourself first and foremost. Because, as one of my beautiful mentors, Shari Thompson, says:

"What serves you serves everybody."

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