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Tough Love

Love isn't always soft and sweet.

Sometimes it's fierce and confronting.

Other times it firmly asserts boundaries.

Love isn't about being a push-over, accommodating to all or "nice".

Love is real, authentic, vitally alive. Love is true.

Without shame, blame or fear of consequences.

I've been a people-pleaser much of my adult life.

Conditioned to be nicey-nice, as a woman, a mother, a Christian and an adolescent desperate for love.

Archetypes of the fierce feminine were missing from my life.

As was the felt-sense experience of unconditional love.

Or any kind of model of authentic relating rooted in sovereignty and awareness.

When I stepped onto the path of conscious awakening - precisely because of another fucked up "love", all this became apparent.

The very wounds and shadows my soul inherited have been the catalyst for my dedication to love.

And the almost 20 years of exploration, embodiment and healing. Including encounters with Kali, who is nothing if not compassion at its fiercest!

Last week in a client session, I was moved to embody tough love. Naming a self-destructive behaviour in no uncertain terms. And calling her to remember who she truly is.

I could see and feel the challenge this brought in the moment.

And yet it was what my inner guidance ordered. An intuitive and cosmic flow of facilitation I trust completely.

In delivering such a message, there is and was no thought of whether it would please, only that it was true and asking to be spoken.

A day or two later, this client wrote to thank me. The medicine had landed and she was profoundly grateful for this Mama Bear nudge.

I honour this client, beautiful woman that she is, for her courage and devotion.

We have to be willing to own our shit in order to heal, integrate and move beyond it. And that's a very vulnerable thing to do.

I bow to this woman - and all my clients - who touch me over and again with their open-ness, trust, transparency and daring.

And their willingness to go into and through whatever seems painful or frustrating. Without any guarantee of the light on the other side, even as we always find it.

In this awakening journey we're called to traverse the eye of the needle over and over. It's my honour to be a guide and mentor for those making this passage. How I show up for you in that is in the hands of Spirit. But rest assured, sometimes it includes the embodiment of tough love.

I'm here as a deep conduit, space-holder and catalyst for women on their awakening journey. Reach out if you'd like to explore working with me one-to-one.

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