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We are the new leaders

All of us, who've felt like the odd ones out for so long.

All of us, who've lived in an alternative way for so long.

All of us, who stopped watching the "news" eons ago.

All of us, who've prioritised our soul's evolution.

All of us, who understand that beauty is an inside job.

All of us, who know mind affects body affects emotions.

All of us, who meditate and connect daily with Source.

All of us, who believe in self-healing and inner wisdom.

All of us, who were labelled nutters and cranks.

All of us, who have faith and are anchored in truth.

All of us, who care about Gaia and honour Her.

WE are the new leaders.

WE are the ones people will look to.

WE are the ones with the wisdom and awareness needed.

WE are the ones able to support healing of body, mind and spirit.

WE are the ones who know how to live in harmony with nature.

WE are the new change, sense and peace-makers.

The old ways that are dying were an inversion of all that is true, sacred and loving.

As balance is restored, those of who've known this will be needed.


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