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Your sexuality is your divinity

The trouble with so many models, concepts or expectations of sex and sexuality is that they all originate from a masculine point of view, whether they're applied to women or men.

But women's bodies don't respond like men's.

It isn't a case of press point a on the body to get result b.

A notion that is ridiculous anyhow, since every single woman's "a" point (or "g" spot) is going to be unique to her.

Not only unique to her, but different for her from day to day, even moment to moment.

And to be quite honest, it's not really about points per se: a woman is designed for pleasure from head to toe. End of. And her arousal begins the minute (masculine) presence enters her field.

Yet women are conditioned (and quite often traumatically) to detach from their innate sensuality, expecting themselves instead to respond like men or in a way that fits their idea of what men want.

Not what THEY want.

Most women don't even know what they want. Or daren't ask for it.

And this separation from their sexuality, separates them from their divinity. They are one and the same.

In the same way, the journey and experience of sexual awakening is not a case of doing a few practices to activate your kundalini and Bobs your uncle!

This simply won't work, just as great sex won't happen, if you're body or vagina are numb, you're disconnected from your emotions and unwilling to look at your shadow.

OH, and is the case for almost every woman I meet (and this has been my own journey too) if you don't really love yourself.

Your Shakti energy, when She stirs, will wend her way through your body and mind - on every level - leaving nothing untouched as she illuminates and purifies.

Which is why in my Awakening Shakti mentorship we don't go straight for the g-spot, but start by building the foundations of meditative awareness, self-love, shadow work, embodiment and more.

Sure, weekend workshops may promise you the best whole-body orgasm of your life. But then what? Are you here for a quick fix of an addictive high (and the Monday morning come-down that follows)? Or are you sincerely interested in healing and growth?

I offer the latter. Deep, sustained growth and transformation, gifting you the tools to continue to navigate your expansion with greater ease and empowerment.

On Sunday, October 18th, 10am-5.30pm, I'm offering a 1-day Online Retreat for women interested in a safe and grounded approach to Awakening Your Shakti and soon I'll be launching my Awakening Shakti 9-month Depth Mentorship. Message me if you'd like to know more about either.

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