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Loving the hell out of one another

Beloveds. On October 3rd, 2016, I connected with my Twin Flame. He lived on the other side of the world - in Australia. We had never met. A few weeks later, he flew over to meet me in person and we were reunited at Heathrow airport on October 24th.

I say "reunited", because it was very clear to us both that although our bodies were meeting for the first time in this lifetime, our souls had yearned and quested for this moment for aeons.

And so began our adventure of Divine Union.

The love, commitment, passion and extraordinary alignment of soul path and gifts between us is breath-taking. And we continually remind ourselves of this. What, after all, are the chances of meeting a total stranger (on Facebook no less) and discovering they are your Twin?!!

There is a story to this, and that will be told in one of my next books. There has also been a huge learning, that I will be featuring very soon in my Twin Flame Code book and workshop series.

AND, we have also - already - been through some huge trials and challenges, as our shadows have arisen in full force!!!

I've been a devoted student of yoga, tantra, sacred relationship, conscious communication, dance and mindfulness for the past 13 years. I have a certificate in Couples Psychotherapy, a Kundalini Yoga Level 2 training in Authentic Relationship, a Nia Blue Belt in Communication & Relationships, am initiated as a Priestess of Love & Sacred Sexuality and am a facilitator of Sexual Awakening for Women

I have completed numerous intensive meditations to heal my heart wounding and clear my subconscious of its dross. I have read just about every relationship book out there and attended, as well as taught, numerous workshops on tantra and sacred relating. These haven't involved sitting in a chair and listening to someone speak. These have involved the deep, embodied processing and release of generations of trauma and conditioning.

And on top of this, I have put myself through a trial by fire via a procession of initiatory relationships over the past 10 years (all of which is the subject matter for my first book - RAPTURE).

So you'd think I'd know something about love and conscious relating right?

Well, I DO! AND... this has not prevented more of my shadow (as well as my Beloved's) rising up. And me falling in and out of awareness of it at various points, despite my very best efforts.

So I've made a vlog about it on our Divine Union Facebook page. For anyone in a relationship feeling lost, confused or challenged. For anyone who thinks the shit they're going through is all their partner's fault (er-hem!). For anyone who wants to learn how to communicate more effectively and relate more authentically.

And if you like this and want more, then come join me for my workshop: Loving the Hell Out of One Another - on Saturday, May 13th in north east London. Spaces are limited to 8. Every Body is welcome, whatever your relationship status. We can all learn to love better and ultimately there's only one of us anyhow, so why not be the change you wish to see in the world? Head on over to my calendar for details and/or contact me directly to enquire or book. Namaste!

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